Garo: Sôkoku No Maryû
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Movies: Garo: Sôkoku No Maryû Director: Keita Amemiya Cast: Ryosei Konishi, Yûki Kubota, Keiko Matsuzaka Production Co: Omnibus Japan, Tohokushinsha Film Genres: Fantasy Runtime: 96 min Country: Japan Release Date: 2012 
In order to protect humankind, Kouga Saezima makes a contract with powerful Kazari. Kouga Saezima travels to the land of promise to bring back the Fang of Sorrow. When he gets there, Kouga Saezim loses the Garo sword, magic clothes and the Mado ring, which he always carry when he fights. Then, Kouga Saezima in a dense forest saves a girl called Meru. She calls herself the "thing"...
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